Digital Retail is Great, but the Last Mile is Broken

The rumors indicate that Carvana’s bankruptcy is not an “if” but a “when”. The banter about what will happen with all of those transparent vending machine towers in major metros ranges from multilevel bars to giant aviary structures. 

Dealers are celebrating that the traditional processes are working, while the newer models like Carvana and Vroom are faltering. The tides have turned, and the traditional car dealership as we know it returns to its familiar problems. 

For traditional automotive retailers, the story of Carvana was compelling. The cast of characters with not so shiny pasts, and humorous social media posts about stock prices in free fall. However, the joke is on us if we forget that the modern car buyer bought it. It was not a few cars that were purchased, it was thousands that chose to purchase a vehicle online rather than visiting a traditional dealership. 

That is not a laughing matter. 

It felt like a daily occurrence that a new digital retail tool claimed to be the answer to the threat of Carvana, Vroom, and other online marketplaces for used cars. 

Companies that had their identity roots in chat utilities were now selling cars online, and players from outside of automotive came into the fold offering user-friendly tech that would modernize the way to buy a vehicle from your dealership. 

Are there success stories in this? Without a doubt. 

Many efficiencies were introduced and the dealerships with leadership and discipline made changes in their process to adapt to the new times. 

But here is the truth—The last mile is still broken. 
The Last Mile is Where it Really Matters; the Last Mile is the Transaction.

The Desking, Lending, & Financing process in a traditional car dealership is the biggest pain point for a modern buyer, which is where the best Digital Retail tools have let us down. They have expedited the front end of the process but created a bottle neck at the last mile of the sale, both for the client and the employee.  

The last mile was broken and exposed when COVID struck and it continues to be broken as we welcome guests back to be exposed to another virus—a disconnected last mile of an automotive journey. 

The problem is that the technology in the last mile is disconnected.  Steps in the process are conducted on different software tools, they can be clumsy, and many of them are not intended to be customer-facing.  

It leads to time waste, duplicate entry, looming FTC compliance issues, and most importantly a customer that is still very vulnerable to want to go any other direction than have to suffer through this inefficient process that lacks transparency. 

While digital retail brought us better tech, it did not fix the last mile. 

To be effective, dealerships need one experience that is designed to support their process, from start to finish, whatever that might be. One platform. Not something made for the consumer to do by themselves, but one that is robust for your employees to streamline the experience all the way through desking, F&I and compliance—the last mile that matters when completing the transaction before sending the customer off in their brand new vehicle. 

About A2Z

From online to instore, dealers deliver a superior customer experience with A2Z.  Digital Retail, Desking, Lending and Menu all in one tool powered by a single platform. A2Z provides dealers with the technology and training to implement their predictable, measurable and efficient sales process. 

A2Z is Built for Marketing
& Brand Leaders

Improve the CX of the dealership by delivering an experience that is faster and more transparent. Eliminate the conflict and friction by unifying the same technology that customers interact with online and in-store.
  • Leverage DigitalLane to provide customized journeys so your guests can experience a seamless transition from online to in-store
  • Take comfort knowing that the online strategy was built in-store first improving trust and partnership with sales leaders
  • Develop your brand with authentic promises of efficiency and transparency that is woven throughout every aspect of your messaging

A2Z is Built for Finance Managers

Present F&I Products consistently and within the context of every deal. Deliver information to guests faster by leveraging the A2Z integrations to avoid data re-entry and increasing the throughput of every F&I Manager.

  • Have a full view into the entire sales cycle in real time
  • Reduce the data re-entry and streamline desking, lending decisions and menu presentations
  • Stay compliant for every presentation every time

A2Z is Built for Sales Managers

Sales Managers have complete visibility of the sales process every step of the way. Build menus, measure effectiveness, and train to a consistent and cohesive process – In one process-oriented platform.


  • Centralization prepares for scale. Unify Sales Operations by using our simple and connected platform, creating a consistent training and development process for your entire dealer group.
  • In-Store: Predictability leads to increased profits. Standardize your Sales Process and deliver a consistent customer experience in every store.
  • Desking: Efficiency drives customer experience. Exponentially enhance your Sales Manager’s ability to build menus, while presenting customers with real-time finance options across multiple deals.

A2Z is Built For Operators

Operations leaders utilize the A2Z platform to systemize their sales process delivering a consistent guest experience. A2Z decreases transaction times and reduces costs by consolidating multiple tools into one. 

Reduce Costs

  • A2Z reduces your tech-stack expense by providing an all-in-one system.
  • On average, our partners eliminate the need for three vendors and save up to $1500 per month.

Increase Productivity

  • With A2Z, you can reduce the time it takes to sell a car by 1-2 hours per transaction.
  • By reducing the time it takes to transact, you have happier customers and effectively give that time back to your sales staff to get more done.

Monitor Progress

  • A2Z provides real-time data that measures every step in the sales process.
  • You can monitor events as they’re happening in your store.
  • You can coach employees on leveling up based on facts, not feelings, from meet and greet through digital signatures